Manchester United striker Macus Rashford has moved his mum Melanie into a new house to avoid getting told off when he misbehaves in his house. Before now, the Manchester United striker had lived at Cheshire mansion with his mum in an apartment valued at 1.8m.

 According to the report on UK Mirror, Marcus Rashford feels he is now matured enough to be living alone and however took his mum to another mansion. 

Speaking during an exclusive interview session, Rashford jokingly disclosed that he had only decided so that he can play indoor football without getting shouted at.

“My mum moved out so I don’t get shouted at for playing in the house anymore,” he said. “Yeah, there’s been a few vases [broken].

“You’re going to get me in trouble here! But I think it’s something we all do. Anyone who loves football – when there’s a ball in front of you, it’s hard not to kick it.”

He said.