Miss Koi-Koi is/was a notorious celebrity female ghost mostly encountered by pre-teen and teen girls and boys in Nigerian Secondary Schools in the late 90s and early 2000s. Now, I’m going to tell you something that happened to me in person, in JSS2, in Etinan Institute, Akwa Ibom State plenty years ago.I was in the boy’s toilet to take a shit.

The power generator had not been turned on yet, but lamps from the rooms gave peeps of light rays into the toilet which was just behind the dorm.So I went in, alone, without any light source.As I squat, playing lines from a popular tune to myself, bright sounding footsteps approached. This was quite normal as any other student(s) would have been pressed too at about the same time, so I took no special notice.The footsteps soon had a voice:”Aren’t you done yet? I’m pressed o”What was mixed up was that it was clearly a lady’s voice. Like, what would a lady be doing at the boy’s dormitory? Well, I’d find out once I was out, I thought. Maybe it was a senior female, or one of the in-school teachers’ daughters who knew me trying to be playful knowing I was inside the toilet.From inside the toilet, I reassured the person outside that I was going to be done in a jiffy, and I was.I wiped and stepped out to alert them, but there was nobody in view!

Now, that was a very usual thing students did either to spook the bejesus out of other unsuspecting students or simply out of disinterest, but in a normal situation, you’d see someone walking away from the toilet as the entire space was completely empty. However, In this case, immediately after the voice complained again, I was just buckling my belt and stepped out.At the same time, the power generator was put on and a bright flood light hit the entire space, but I didn’t see anything! Not a person, not a thing, or even a shadow of such. Just clear empty space of over 30 metres.

I would have been less frightened still, but the very instant I turned round, an eerie brush of warm air emanating from someone’s skin blew over my face to indicate a presence around me, followed by intense out-of-hell goosebumps. I still saw no one.At that point, i knew it was it!!!I ran!!! I ran so fast and with such trembling that when I jumped the pavement into the dorm, everyone else who saw my terrified face ran out of the room – they knew that face; the face when a student encounters a spirit.

The origin of Miss Koi-Koi (and Bush baby in other climes) is a metaphysical phenomenon that was traced to Catholic schools and other educational institutions owned by bodies of faith. Usually, the executives of such schools only made fellow worshipers heads over them – a Catholic school would hence be headed by a staunch Catholic, and in some cases even a reverend sister/mother superior.When those people and other faith-based employees died, they were often buried within the school compounds for a memorial of their contribution to that educational ecosystem.We all know Catholic rites and rituals preceding the funeral of a member, especially if that member was in an association in the church or had ascended to the rank of knight and so.

Those things would be done with the rites mostly performed by a Bishop, an Archbishop or even a Cardinal, and the dead would be buried there in specific mystic circumstances I cannot say here.Usually, after the funerals, those spirits would reincarnate, posses certain girls or be found at specific places in the school at specific unholy hours doing very frightening things to students, especially those she was friendly with.

On another end, most of the vast land spaces we have as schools now were very terrible utility spots for rituals, abandonment of twins, slave/criminal execution, covens and even cemeteries. And years later, they erected schools there, re-stimulation the mystical/metaphysical properties of those spaces, reviving whatever the heck was lying dormant and setting them lose on the population there, hence the haunting.

It was rumoured that she’d often be seen/heard moving and loudly dropping their stuff in their very presence, plaiting their hair by midnight, using fingernails on their genitals, breathing warmly over them while they are/were naked, scribbling on their note books, opening and spilling their beverages or her signature performance of moving eerily with the steps of a lady in very conspicuously pointed heels, thus the “Koi-Koi” onomatopoeia.

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