On the 29th of May, 2019, Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state was inaugurated for his second in office of the oil rich state. He subsequently went on to make several appointments some of whom were returning with him for the second term, others spanking new additions.

Now almost a year into most of those appointments, The Gasm Blog ranks some of the most high performing ones taking into consideration public perception, office responsiveness and exposure as well as media coverage. Below is the list of the top picks:

(1) Sir Charles Udoh (Commissioner for Information):

Info Boss, Sir Charles Udoh has upped his game.

Lagos bred Information Boss received several flacks in his first term and was roundly blamed for the Governor’s seeming under coverage in the media. In fact, at one point, the erstwhile Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party in the state, Comrade Ini Ememobong was regarded higher than Sir Udoh in most quarters of the state as the main information channel of the Udom administration. However, Udoh has so far been very impressive in his second coming. He has improved his media tours extensively, built an effective information channel in his ministry and synergized with the other media aides for proper information symmetry. He has rebuild his status as the major mouthpiece of the state.

(2) Hon Prince Ikim (Chairman, AKSEPWMA):

AKSEPWMA Boss, Prince Ikim, the State’s Prince of Cleanliness

The youthful Prince Ikim is the Chairman, Akwa Ibom Environmental and Waste Management Agency, the body tasked with keeping the entire state clean and green. Overseeing the agency considered as one of the richest, Prince Ikim has utilized every mechanism and connections available to him towards building a highly trusted waste management agency in the state. He has recruited many environmental officers, partnered with international waste firms and partnered organizations all in his waste management duty. He has also enjoyed a strong media coverage.

(3) Hon (Dr) Ekong Sampson (Commissioner for Environment&Petroleum Resources)

Dr Ekong Sampson, has remained a very dependable voice in the state’s cabinet

Barr Sampson, who recently bagged his Ph.D in International Law from the University of Calabar, has been another very efficient appointee in the Governor’s second term. A highly versatile man, he has majorly championed the adherence to international best practices by oil companies operating in the state as well as facilitated the repair of age long environmental traps such as the IBB Way floods, the Anua Village ravines and discouraging merchandising around major junctions. He has also pushed for proper maximization of the state’s wetlands.

(4) Hon Ime Uwah (SSA,Marketing&Brand Management):

Hon. Ime Uwah, until his appointment was a successful agropreneur.

Highly successful, agropreneur, Ime was a sure bet appointment after having served sterlingly in the first term and mobilized massively for the Governor’s reelection in 2019 after loosing out in the National Assembly race. Since his appointment, his office has innovated several entrepreneural and skills based initiatives such as the Dakkada MEPG and MPCS all aimed at reducing unemployment, expanding small businesses, discovering the state’s rich opportunities base and enhancing self help.

(5) Ekpeno Gold, (Special Assistant, Social Reorientation)

Ekpeno Gold, SA, Social Reorientation has been very active and vocal.

Clearly one of the most active Governor’s Aides in the second term, Mr Gold has taken to his reappointment with a storm. Just few weeks after he was announced, he initiated the highly successful Social Values Campaigns, aimed at condemning vices and encouraging positives values among the people. The five cardinal aims of his campaigns are: Say no to insults on elders, Say no to Cultism. Reject Drug Abuse, Say no to Vandalism and End Favouritism. His fierce war against cultism has already yielded fruits as the Governor two days ago, signed an Executive Order proscribing cultism and other violent behaviours in the state.

(6) Essien Ndueso (Special Assistant, Research&Documentation)

This Eket born media expert has almost usurped the jobs of the other media aides through his on the spot tour and project facility assessments. Most people have come to know the true statuses of the government’s projects through his office. Simply put, he has been very handy in the second term.

Essien Ndueso, believed to enjoy strong government support

(6) Rev’d Richard Peters (Special Assistant, Media):

Rev’d Richard Peters, has done very well since he was appointed.

A shock appointment that was met with mixed reactions, but the vocal cleric cum media strategist has taken to his new role like duck to water. He has repaid the faith of Governor Udom in him through a robust daily coverage and strong media contents all tailored at x-raying the governor’s projects and philosophies. It will be safe to say that he has bought his worst critics over barely three months since his appointment.

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