A lighthearted Akwa Ibom Soups War was held on Wednesday 23rd September, 2020 at the Uyai Creative Art Academy grounds, Enwe Street, Uyo and it did set the town on fire.

Atama soup with foofoo on display

The soups war was a spin off of the viral #AfangVsAtama trend that engulfed the state last week and put together to celebrate the state at 33.

Akwa Ibom state is undoubtedly the soups capital of Nigeria. The land of some of the world’s most outstanding cuisines and the soups war has come to serve as the perfect opportunity to embellish this fact and take our delicacies to the world.

The curator of The Soups War, MarieTherese Adiakpan

Our cuisines are currently the most telling aspect of our cultural identity as people. Most of our soups are usually all green or at least, sprinkled with some greenishness, as such the essence of the green background in the event’s logo.

Being green means being fresh, tasty, delicious, long lasting and phenomenal, a unique connotative representation of the true Akwa Ibom spirit.Ironically, it may tagged a ‘war’ but is actually all about our peaceful coexistence as a people with a common culinary ancestry.It is what bonds the state together across all divides.

Attendees lining up for lunch of different soup varieties

Almost everybody can eat Akwa Ibom soups. Our soups criss-cross sociocultural boundaries and can make any menu in the world.Akwa Ibom soups have strong cultural links with our history.

There are soups for celebrations of bountiful harvest, soups for rewarding huntings, soup for coronation of a king, soups for masquerades and the deities, soups for mournings and plagues, soups for children, soups for adults. We are truly the ancestry of soups. The soups are phenomenal.

More photos from the event below: