A Nigerian teen, Aker Okoye who hugged headlines after he was pictured in close grasps with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, during a surprise visit to his East London school has written a humorous letter to Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, explaining how he was ‘starstruck’ on meeting Meghan.

A Clearly Starstruck Aker hugs Meghan.

The Duchess on Friday had visited the Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham to mark International Women’s Day, and after his speech to the Duchess, head boy Aker, had bend to give Ms Markle a deep warm hug much to the amusement of the whole school.

Mr Okoye had during his speech praised Meghan’s beauty and the Princess in return hailed the boy’s confidence and gait.

Aker is the Head Boy of his East London School

Check out Aker’s letter to Meghan’s husband below published in The Sun:

‘Dear Harry and Meghan. Harry, hope you don’t mind me writing this letter.

‘I hope you didn’t mind me cuddling your wife. I was just overwhelmed and shocked to see her arrive at my school.

‘It was a pleasure to hear her speech and to speak in front of her as well. She is truly inspirational.’

Meghan had later praised the boy’s Confidence and grace