It’s a well-known fact that hackers and scammers are out in their large numbers in search of vulnerable Facebook accounts to hack and prey innocent people. The aftermath of these possible occurrences may not only rob you off legitimate access to your Facebook account and connections with friends, but this may hunt your earned repute most especially if they hacker uses your Facebook account to defraud innocent people.

It’s of this background that we have decided to write on a few basic tips that can help you safeguard your Facebook account from these miscreants.


1. Do not log in your Facebook account with devices that are not yours. If you do, do not click “YES” when the “remember password”command pops up. Also, remember to logout, clear history as well as the cache if using a web browser.

2. Don’t use your mobile phone numbers, first name, nicknames as your password. This can be easily guessed. 

3. Combine your Facebook password with Capital letters, special characters, and numbers. Example INfant$11!; 

4. Don’t write down your passwords and user names on your diaries you may easily lose control of it.

5. Don’t supply your Facebook login details to unverified websites or any redirect links. You may be in for pranks.

6 Always look up for the Facebook URL( on the address bar of your browser before you key in your login details.

7. Never click on any unverified link even if it’s being sent in by your loved ones or work colleagues.

8. Don’t disclose your password to anyone.

9. Activate 2FA.