A socialite has caused a stir on Twitter after saying that it is not right for Northerners to partake in the BBnaija because there is no modesty practiced in the house.

The tweet has gained supporters with other people too condemning it. The backlash is massive as some users resorted to foul language to attack the socialite.

The tweet reads:

”No sensible man from Arewa would ever allow his daughter to join #BBNaija bruh. I wonder which part of the North this ‘Aisha/Kaish’ comes from exactly. If she’s a Norther, then definotely she’s not Hausa/Fulani, because shyness and modesty are part of our culture too. Those of you asking how i come to know about Aisha if i don’t watch BB, i guess y’all forget why we are on Twitter. I dont and will never watch BBN”ADVERTISEMENT

See Tweet below:

Source: www.Ghgossip.com