Earlier today, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State signed an Executive Order proscribing all cult related activities in Akwa Ibom state in the Criminal Code Law Cap. 38, Laws of Akwa lbom State, 2000CULTISM AND OTHER VIOLENT BEHAVIOR (PROHIBITION) ORDER.

With the new document, anyone arrested in the line of cult or violent activities will be prosecuted and may stringent punitive measures including up to life imprisonment.

Below is the full list of all the occult groups proscribed.

Vikings, Black Axe, KKK, Buccaneers,Mafias,Luttox a.k,a junior Black Axe, Debam, Dewell, Icelanders, Redskins, Pirates, Amoc, Akwa Marines and Utoto groups.Others include September 11, Secret sons of Satan, King Cobra, Junior Vikings,Jv. Bats, Predators, Black Ladies Black Cross, Scavengers, Skylolo,Sons of Nights, Blood Brotherhood, Junior Buccaneers,White Angel’s and Musket, Daughters of Queen Amina,Lion,Leo Line, Neo Black movement of Africa. Temple of Eden, Daughters of Jezebel, Amazon, Black Brazier, Barracudas, Black Berret., The Dragon,Red Devil, Blood Suckers, Scorpion, BlackEye.,Eyie,Sons of Nights,White Angel’s, Yellow Ribbon and Python.

Also proscribed include: Black Sword, Supreme Dreadlock, Black Heart, Black Dagger,white Brothers,High Mafia, Street Mafia, Family Mafia, Supreme Redskin, Italian Mafia, Separate Brothers confraternity and Clansmen.