By Samuel Udoma

Aker Okoye is not your textbook sixteen year old. Two days ago, he warmed hearts all over the world when he instantaneously delivered a perfect International Women’s Day speech in his school in the presence of Ms Meghan Markle and even drew an even warmer embrace from the Duchess of Sussex.

Aker, born to Nigerian parents in Dagenham, East London, was invited as his school’s headboy to give a response to Ms Markle’s earlier speech on the anniversary of the IWD and in just few seconds at the podium, he had sent the whole auditorium hysterical.

Akers’ terse yet well chosen speech paid tributes to womanhood and everything that the day signified. The quality of his speech appeared to have bellied his actual age and did actually impress all who were listening.

He had earlier began by throwing a daring compliment to the Duchess of Sussex with the line:
“She really is beautiful, init’. A flip that basically swept Ms Markle off the ground.

At the end of his speech, it was the Duchess who threw her arms wide open for an embrace with Aker, and boy took the chance with immense graciousness.

Barely few hours after, the video of the event had gone viral and Aker had made headlines across major national tabloids.

Next morning, he appeared on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and the Gang, where he was even more impressive.During the breakfast show, Aker waxed lyrical about his mom:

‘She isn’t just a mum, she has a life as well. My hero is the woman sitting next to me’., he praised his mom to the admiration of the studio and viewers who engaged in.

Aker’s carriage and maturity has sparked a hysteria over what proper education, good-natured upbringing and social background of growing up entail.
While a school may teach a child how to read, study and pass exams, it takes a greater family set and strong social values to teach them how to take up an audience moment, give a socially acceptable speech and display sincere respect for the opposite sex. Aker ticked all the boxes.
As it stands now, one child’s brilliance has brought a windfall to a school. As of yesterday, the online search for Aker’s East London School had risen from a paltry 14,000 to about a million. And boy Aker has been listed as among ‘teens to watch out for’ by British Psychological Society in just under 48 hours since the cute event happened.
This has been a true case of when proper education meets good upbringing.